First Nation Housing Capabilities

  • First Nation Chiefs and Councils have the goal and vision to improve housing within their respective Nations.
  • There is a high housing shortage on First Nations and a great need to improve the existing housing stock.
  • Navigating the bureaucratic paper maze can be daunting.
  • Implementation of Federal Social Housing Programs: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), AANDC, Northern Affairs Canada's (INAC) On-reserve Housing Investment Program and associated levels of government.

Available Services

  • CMHC Programs
  • Section 95 – 301 Application Forms
  • RRAP Applications
  • Assist with the bid process for RRAP'S
  • HASI Applications
  • Youth Internship Applications
  • Recently announced CMHC programs

INAC Applications

  • Multi- Unit Construction Application
  • Lot Servicing Application
  • Renovation Application

Other Mentoring Programs Available

  • Property Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Financial Management
  • Training and Certification

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