Introducing the House In A Box

CTI has introduced our complete Home Package that arrives to site in a shipping container. Easiest / Fastest way to build, everything arrives to site in shipping containers. Plus you keep the container!!

What you Get-Container

Complete, Everything you Need to build: All Blueprints, Framing, Roofing, Exterior, Insulation, Drywall, Flooring, Doors/Windows, Finishing, Can also include Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC.

  • Full stamped drawings
  • Full flooring / wall & roof systems
  • Full roofing package
  • Full exterior package
  • Full Insulation package
  • Full Drywall package
  • Full Flooring package
  • Full Windows and doors package
  • Full Electrical package (bonus FREE smart thermostats)
  • Full Plumbing package
  • Full Mechanical package
  • Full HVAC package
  • Full Finishing package (bonus FREE back-splash)
  • Full Project schedule from start to finish
  • All sub-contract agreements with scope of work provided.
  • Turn Key system!!!!!

Benefits & Advantages of our Complete Material Home Package

  • Everything comes in one container on site which you Keep
  • Budget controlled
  • Zero waste, zero theft, weather proof, Container used for storage, garage etc.
  • Keep labor and money in the community
  • Completely flexible in type and floor plans and amount of material you require
Call us to specialize your material requirements large or small.
Facilities in Western, Central and Eastern Canada.


Ready to start building?

Check out these beautiful package designs:

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Here's what is included:

Wall system

  • 2x6 2&btr 16" OC ,interior walls 2x4 and 2x6 2&btr
  • 7/16" OSB Wall sheathing
  • house wrap
  • 4x8 Sheets 1" thick Atlas wall insulation
  • Engineered floor system Open Joist tri-force 2000
  • Specialized floor sheathing 5/8" Pinnacle floor T&G Floor sheathing
  • Sill gasket, Sill plates, Jack Posts
  • Nails, Screws, hangers etc...

Completed roof package

  • Engineered roof trusses
  • Truss bracing , ceiling bracing
  • 5/8" T&G OSB roof sheathing, Ice and Water, drip edge, ridge vent, tarp paper
  • BP Architectural shingles
  • starter shingles, 3 tab shingles
  • Vinyl evs and down spouts
  • shingles nails, roof caulking

Siding package

  • Insulated vinyl siding manufactured by Gentek
  • siding corners
  • siding nails

Insulation Package

  • R20 insulation
  • R50 cellulose insulation
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Sealants and adhesives

Drywall package

  • 1/2" Drywall 15.4 long board
  • Screws, mud, tape
  • Lite sand 45 or 90

Floor package

  • 12.3 mil laminate and 2.5 LVT for bathrooms underlayment ,staples, nails etc as required

Windows and doors

  • Koltech windows Energy star Low e argon Single Hung
  • Koltech steel exterior doors
  • Products designed for zones for northern climate

Electrical package complete

Plumbing package complete (HW, 50 Gal, Promax Power vent Natural Gas Energy star)

Mechanical package complete (Tempstar Furnace Smart comfort, two stage gas 100,000 BTU)

Complete HVAC Package (HRV, Venmar)

Complete finish package

What is needed:

  • Regular carpentry tools
  • Man power
For more information phone or email
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