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We organize, schedule, and mobilize equipment, materials, and personnel to manage construction projects and material supply. Our legacy is the schools, burn units, energy efficiency renovations, modular/packaged builds, and homes that were built while using as much local talent as possible. High quality construction in northern and first nation communities requires a high level of experience and communication. We have developed our team and process over the last 8 years to work seamlessly with governments and businesses in remote locations, and dynamic job sites. CTI specializes in project management and unique building packages tailored for performance in the north.


Your construction project is more than just bricks and concrete, it is the image and structure of our community. Working directly with 1800 manufacturers, we expedite access to a massive and competitive selection of building materials. Our commitment is working hand-in-hand with Owners, Architects, Engineers, Sub-Trades, and Government to fasten ideas into reality. We connect unique build projects like RTMs, and Home Packages with northern construction knowledge and professionals. This approach is an in-depth construction documentation and cost verification process that ensures quality control. We keep you informed on the progress of your project on a weekly basis. Coordinated site and safety meetings with project managers and site personnel are orchestrated to maintain daily records of every aspect of your project. Paper work is digitized and PDF copies are sent out to all involved parties. Let us prove that this is the best way to manage any construction site, large or small. We have a strong, result focused team that understands performance, timeframes and accountability.


Success is the result of dedication and communication. We enable professionals to focus on the end results while we drive them there. Our field management team utilizes experience and technology to execute high quality projects with support from our squad in Saskatoon. CTI is a diverse team of local experts coming together to build communities. Daily communication is channelled through project specific threads, so our entire company is utilized to execute detail oriented and responsive operations. If you would like to speak to a team member Contact Us!

Bob Behari - President & CEO

Leading growth and business across First Nation communities for over 30 years, Bob is an accomplished member of the CTI team. Teaming up with Tim over 8 years ago, he enforces strong business practices and leadership within CTI.

Email: bbehari@ctibuildingsupply.com

Tim Braitenbach - V.P. New Business and Coffee Maker

Tim's dedication towards construction on First Nation lands spans over 15 years. Tim implements and organizes Castle & TruServ (major construction, hardware supply and distributors) with CTI. He is directly involved in New Business and Business implementation throughout Canadian Trade International. Tim has planned & coordinated material, housing and commercial buildings (built on site RTM's, modular) in many First Nation communities.

Email: tim@ctibuildingsupply.com

Jody John - Project Manager/Superintendent

Jody has been with CTI for the past 6 years and in the construction industry for a lifetime. He is extremely knowledgeable, coordinated and focus driven in his trade work with sub-contractors and clients. His certifications range from safety to inspections. Jody has worked with First Nation communities throughout his career, bringing a wealth of experience and capabilities to the company. We just wish he would share more jerky and bannock with the home office.

Email: jody@ctibuildingsupply.com


  • Buffalo River Dene Cree: Church, Housing, Insurance Claims & Material Supply
  • Clearwater Dene: Material Supply
  • Peter Ballantyne First Nation: School, Housing, Reno's & Material Supply
  • Red Pheasant: Reno's & Material Supply
  • Piapot First Nation : Elders Lodge
  • Paul Band First Nation: Reno's & Material Supply
  • Salteaux Cree First Nation: Housing, Insurance claims & Material Supply
  • Kehewin First Nation: Reno's, Burn Units, Insurance claims & Material Supply
  • Onion Lake: School, New Housing & Material Supply, Energy Efficiency Renovations (boiler system)
  • Frog Lake First Nation: Reno's
  • Saskatoon & Surrounding area: New Single and Multi-Family Housing
  • 117,140 sq. ft. of Reno & New Builds constructed
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